September 24, 2017
Le jardin de Wadad, Wadad's Garden - Jounieh,lebanon


You will find the english translation of the pics, Down here .

Once upon a time, in a little house,
Near a big,big road,
A small garden...

Wadad's garden,

Oh! hello Wadad! Yes! I' m taking you in picture:)

" I 'm attracted by the earth, in my garden I forget all of my troubles , its' like my baby"
early in the morning i water it with fresh water,
Here everything grows at it's own pace and form,
From a flower to another,
I only think about my garden, it's healing me"

"Look! Look !" she says,

And I look, I' m discovering the best of life !
Cats , neighbors, everyone finds his happiness,
They take the time to see blossom the radiant hibiscus !

At the end is waiting for us the rose sirop...rose
Near the Bougainvillier and Orchids, Wadad's favorites.

At her place we feel good :)

in September, nature is getting loose slowly , slowly
and I will let you with these words:

Seeds are endless,
and green nature always finds a way...

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